20 January 2021

SYNDIS System by MIKRONIKA already at PKP Energetyka


Recently we published the article of PKP Energetyka (Polish railway network electricity distributor) on commissioning of the SYNDIS system in the first of their newly built control centers. Now there is a good time to present some more details of this project.

The project of developing and implementing the SCADA/ADMS system was divided into three parts.

One SCADA system instead of twenty two

The first part of the project covers commissioning of one, central SCADA system, that would replace 22 smaller, local systems, controlling and supervising grid operation on independent geographical areas. In May 2020 the SYNDIS system took over the first of the systems to be replaced, and in the following months, migration of the next 5 systems to the SYNDIS system was performed.

A great challenge for the project team was to develop a common naming and visualization standard, since each of the currently deployed SCADA systems has its own specificity, was implemented in a different time and based on different standards. The ICT environment, communication media, data exchange protocols, as well as data and documentation themselves, are non-uniform, making migration of each subsequent setting room a real challenge to us all. Till the end of 2020 we plan to commission the next four objects. The remaining ones are scheduled for migration to the central SYNDIS system till the end of 2021. Ultimately, the system will be operated by over 500 users and will proces over 200 000 measurement signals, thus becoming one of the largest SCADA installations in Poland.


The second part of the project concentrates on support of processing of events resulting in power interruptions. The SYNDIS system is equipped with a special, dedicated OMS module (Outage Management System). The processes implemented in OMS serve for supporting grid operators and maintenance teams in management of works carried out on power grid infrastructure. OMS module, beside integration with SCADA system, utilizes data acquired from GIS and asset management systems, as well as from other, smaller systems deployed at PKP Energetyka (Polish railway network electricity distributor). OMS module is developed with the use of agile Scrum methodology, thus allowing incremental implementation of its functionality. Currently, a part of the processes is already developed and test implementation for the selected users is done. The works on development of the remaining processes will be carried out till 2022.


The works on the third part of the project will commence next year and will cover development of two modules: EMS (Energy Management System) and FDIR (Fault Detection, Isolation and Restoration). EMS serves for optimization of power flow within the grid, and FDIR will allow automatic, quick identification of fault location, isolation of the damaged part of the grid and reconfiguration of power supply system. Commissioning of these modules is planned in 2020.

SYNDIS - a comprehensive solution

The entire system is developed in high-security and high-availability architecture. The system fully utilizes the capabilities of the most modern digital measurement devices and control automation to supervise and control overhead contact lines and power distribution grid. The SYNDIS system is equipped with a set of functions that support optimization of switching decisions, together with determining and supervision of switching sequences. The extended functions of integration with supporting systems allow not only command communication with field teams, but also provide operators and users  in the field with all information available within the organization for a given asset – all in one tool.

A novelty and curiosity in the System is the Training Simulator module that can simulate operation of the existing power grid, basis on the settable conditions and decisions made by the operator. Beside its purely training function, the Simulator may serve for supporting the analysis of events during the real failure.


30 June 2020

Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders of MIKRONIKA Sp. z o.o.

On June 30, 2020 the Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders of MIKRONIKA Sp. z o.o. was held. The meeting was attended by the Shareholders and the Management Board of the Company.

The Meeting:

  • reviewed and approved the financial statements and the Management Board's report on activities in 2019
  • the Shareholders and the Management Board discussed the current situation on the market and the directions of further development of the situation in the context of the COVID-19 epidemic effects and related impact on the Company's customers and contractors. The Shareholders decided to allocate the entire profit in the amount of PLN 5,101,641.05 PLN, achieved in 2019, for further development of the Company

We would like to thank the entire Team, to which MIKRONIKA owes another successful year.

Management Board of MIKRONIKA Sp. z o.o.

 28 April 2020



28th April 2020 was one of the saddest days in the history of Mikronika. In the evening that day, Ryszard Janowicz, a co-founder and the president of our company, passed away.

It is hard to find words that could cover his role and achievements, passion and commitment with which he managed Mikronika since its very beginning, including his faith in its capability, especially in people who create this company.

When Mikronika was established in 1983, Mr. Janowicz became the president of the board and he held that position steadily until his death. He was 70 years old. Mr. Janowicz passed away quietly and modestly, just as he was used to work.

We have lost our boss and colleague, who dedicated 37 years of his business carrier to our company. We will remember him as a great professional. We strongly believe that we are able to continue his legacy in a decent manner, as he would wish us to do.

Dear President of the Board, we will miss you.
Rest in peace.

Mikronika Team

People who want to make an entry in the book of condolences can do it here

About the company


Since MIKRONIKA has been established, its business activity is based on knowledge, analysis of new trends and experience. We try our best to maintain good relations with our Customers. Modern solutions, developed by us entirely, are effects of dynamic and innovative work of our team.

Guarantee of quality, security of solutions and effective methods of realization of projects have gained recognition and very good opinions on the market.

We offer self-developed system software SYNDIS, which is the basis for our substation and dispatching systems, integrating functions of current management of a power network with numerous solutions within resource management. SYNDIS is also the basis for many specialized applications, designed to, e.g. detect damage and restore network operation (FDIR), monitor states of power transformers, power quality assessment, object security supervision. Issues connected with the SMART GRID technology and IT security are new challenges, which are also in the scope of our interest.

Our offer includes also a wide range of hardware solutions, such as: controllers, data concentrators, protections, disturbance recorders, analyzers, specialized devices for data monitoring and visualization and for measuring physical values. We also offer various products responsible for exchanging information between systems, i.e. transmission converters and data multiplexers.

We deliver complex solutions both for the power sector and other industry branches, which require automation of processes, controls, data collecting and their analysis as well as communication between various systems.

Thanks to the modular structure of our systems and devices we are able to configure them very easily and flexibly, solving problems and satisfying needs and requirements of each Client.

MIKRONIKA effectively applies funds from European Union for conducting research and development works within innovative automation systems.

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