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11 sierpnia 2022

Frame contract with Ellevio AB

Thanks to intensive work of our entire foreign marketing department, I can proudly announce that we have just signed a frame contract with Ellevio AB. In terms of size, it is the second distribution network operator in Sweden. They cover the southern part of the country, including Stockholm. In 2021 the company had 968 000 clients, delivered 27.5 TWh of electric energy while investments reached 3.59 mln SEK. The total length of lines was 79 200 km.

Let us start from the beginning. The first episodes of this subject are dated back to late 2019 and early 2020. After positive initial qualification, making an offer, in June 2022 we received a notification saying that MIKRONIKA had been accepted to a group of suppliers of substation RTUs and line automation in Ellevio AB. The frame agreement is anticipated to last until 2030. In this time, the Investor plans to equip ca. 1000 substation with automation solutions. In the first two years, the number of ordered RTUs may reach 500-1000 pcs. a year.

We have already covered cyber security tests and functionality tests. We have passed them without obstacles. We are currently manufacturing controllers which are to be installed in three substations chosen by the Client (two in rural areas, one in Stockholm). The hardware base of the controllers is the SO-54SR-xxx family.

Good luck and best wishes for our colleagues from the implementation department. Have fun realizing such an interesting contract.

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