24 października 2022


After several months of waiting, the Investor announced the results of another huge central proceeding for delivery of substation in their area. This time the subject covers delivery of almost 200x transformer substations with and without telemetry.

The entire volume of delivery has been divided into 4 independent parts. The 1st and 2nd part include the biggest number of substations (a total of 136 substation, including almost 100 with telemetry). In this case, the Investor has chosen the best price from ZPUE S.A. This company has chosen Mikronika to deliver telemetry systems, as it has been in the case of the delivery of 711x transformer substations.

It is worth noticing that substations in this proceeding feature completely different configurations than it has been lately. It required much involvement from our employees to prepare a set of brand-new documentations (a total of 27 various configurations), in order to take part in this tender.

Within only this proceeding, during next two years, we will supply telemetry cubicles for a total of 96x 3-, 4- and 5-bay transformer substations, in which 170x of various SO-54SR series bay controllers will be applied. This time, our range of works and deliveries covers almost 2 million PLN net.

This means that by 2024, only from central proceedings, we should deliver telemetry for over 800 transformer substations and almost 200 cable connectors, simultaneously realizing successful deliveries of telemetry cubicles for dozens of new and modernized objects in other tender proceedings conducted by the biggest distributor of electric energy in our country.

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