5 października 2022


XXVI Conference of Power Engineers is already over. The conference was traditionally held in Osada Karbówko, on 28-30.09, for the first time after a three-year break caused the global pandemic situation. This is the perfect time to celebrate and reflect.

First of all, we would like to express our highest appreciation to all the Clients we were hosting at our Conference, for the great atmosphere, professional approach to technical issues and very high attendance at our presentations. Thank you very much! 

The Conference hosted more than 160 people from power sector and industry – from Poland as well as abroad. The conference room, where the presentations were held, was always tightly packed.

The meeting was devoted to presentation of the latest solutions in software, engineering and equipment in scope of automation, measurements, telecommunications, remote engineering and protections. The topics of the presentations in the aforementioned areas were very diverse. The lecturers were our colleagues from the company, experts in the presented subject areas.  They were guided by the principle "practitioners for practitioners".

As mentioned, the topics of the presentations were varied, but the main themes were:

  • reliability assessment of Substation Automation Systems
  • practical aspects of remote engineering / automation system projects execution
  • examples of implementation of automation systems for monitoring, control, measurements and regulation of various facilities, based on hardware and firmware of SO-5 Substation Automation System
  • SMIWUZ (System for Effective Monitoring and Support of Protection Devices) - dynamic calculations of protection settings for an actual MV network system
  • our experiences with SYNDIS ADMS implementations in LV networks
  • the subject of immunity of automation devices and systems to cyber attacks
  • Substation Automation Systems (SAS, Control &Supervision Systems) – strong points and weaknesses of specific solutions
  • MV network automation – MIKRONIKA’s solutions for Smart Grid
  • Wide area SCADA system for photovoltaic farms supervision – design assumptions and implementation in practice.

Each of the lectures sparked keen interest and discussions, which continued offstage during the coffee breaks. Our lectures were appreciated by specialists from design offices, representatives of power plants, combined heat and power plants, Polskie Sieci Elektroenergetyczne (Polish TSO), power distribution companies, industrial plants, contractors and other entities representing the power industry.

The conference, which has just ended, has reaffirmed our conviction that MIKRONIKA’s professionals have much to share and even to boast about. Their approach to the lectures and subsequent professional discussions with representatives of various branches hosted at our conference confirmed their passion for their profession, their motivation and their knowledge, which allows them to implement even the most complex projects. It was also highly impressive that some of the speakers had never been on stage in front of such a large audience before, and afterwards, when the lecture was over and they left the stage, it looked like each speaker had several years of public speaking experience. But we know that behind this was not stage experience, but an extensive knowledge of what they were talking about and an awareness of the successes they achieved.

We hope that the lectures and discussions during the Conference demonstrated us all new opportunities to improve the quality of current projects and to develop in new directions, and will contribute to further joint successes of our Clients and MIKRONIKA. 

When the lights go out and the participants leave the room, a sense of insufficiency remains. Why was it so short, we want more, I want to be there next year! – Thank you for being with us and see you at the next edition, during which there will be an additional occasion to celebrate – MIKRONIKA's 40th birthday. Please feel invited! 

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