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Alarm annunciation

Backup Emergency Signaling (RSA) works independently of the control and supervision system (SSiN) and is used to generate sound, light and other alarms. Alarms are generated as a result of defining logical dependencies and inform employees about events at the power station.

From the hardware side, RSA can be divided into the following blocks:

  • signal acquisition block - BAS-xxx (may consist of MWS-xxx binary input modules, MSS-xxx control and signaling output modules, communication module and redundant power supply module or modules)
  • visualization block (may consist of one or more PCS-xxx presentation panels)
  • KWG-122-1 type manipulation panel, equipped with an LCD graphic screen with a touch panel
  • PCS-xxx presentation panel; terminal with LED signaling - more information...

The above functional blocks are connected with each other by galvanically separated communication interfaces. The entire RSA can be connected to other SAS components via an optical network link. The modules are placed in a 19” cassette with an LVDS type bus.

The BAS Signal Acquisition block may consist of the following types of modules:

  • MWS-1xx - 24 binary inputs - 3 independent galvanically separated groups of 8 inputs with a common pole (-); with self-diagnosis
  • MWS-2xx - 32 binary inputs - 4 independently galvanically separated groups of 8 inputs with a common pole (-); without self-diagnosis
  • MWS-40x - 48 binary inputs - 6 independent galvanically separated groups of 8 inputs with a common pole (-); without self-diagnosis. For MWS-40x, the acceptable input voltage level is 24V or 48V DC
  • MSS-236 - 12 control outputs, without output activation testing, 0.25A/220V DC for resistive load
  • PJC-812-2 - central unit module (communication module) initiating the operation configuration of KWG-122-1, PCS-101, PCS-201, PCS-301, PCS-302 and collecting events from the group of MWS-xxx modules, sending controls to MSS-xxx modules and transmitting this data to the terminal KWG-122-1, PCS-101, PCS-201, PCS-301 and PCS-302
  • MZA-205 - power supply module equipped with two power circuits - primary and backup. RS-485 configuration connector
  • MZA-210 - power supply module equipped with one power circuit. RS-485 configuration connector. The power supply can function as an RS-485 to 
    RS-LVDS converter. Two such power supplies can operate in parallel in a BAS rack
  • MSG-101 or MSG-301 - GSM/GPRS network modem   []

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