Wind farms

MIKRONIKA has been successfully implementing local systems of supervision over the operation of wind farms, as well as photovoltaic farms and other renewable energy sources for many years.

On the basis of the experience gained, based on the recognized products of the SO-5 series, a dedicated automation system was developed, taking into account the specificity of wind farms.

It enables the implementation of all required automation functions, data exchange with technological SCADA systems supervising the operation of farms and other external systems, e.g. remote supervision of the power grid.

Structure of the system

The control and supervision system offered by MIKRONIKA performs data and control acquisition directly through contacts or indirectly from devices and systems using communication protocols (IEC 60870-5-101/-103/-104, IEC 61850, DNP 3.0, MODBUS or other) in electrical, fiber optic or wireless interfaces. The system exchanges data with technological systems of turbines also using the OPC-DA standard and mixed systems - both in the protocol and through contacts - thus enabling communication to the full required extent with SCADA systems for wind energy of most manufacturers present on the market.

The system ensures communication with the farm owner's supervision systems, dispatch systems of power grid operators and other systems required by the investor. In addition, the implemented web server allows you to view the work of the farm through an encrypted link using a standard web browser. It is possible to send messages about alarms, warnings, etc. via SMS and e-mail.

Przykładowa struktura automatyzacji i nadzoru farm wiatrowych

Farm control algorithms

As a standard, the SO-5 control and supervision system for wind farms mediates in the transmission of regulatory parameters for the farm from the dispatcher systems to the SCADA system dedicated to wind farms.

In addition, the SO-5 system regulates the farm operation by implementing control algorithms in the communication controller (e.g. reactive power control, others).

An example of illustrating the components of a wind park

The main elements of the offered control and management system:

  • SYNDIS RV type SCADA system software
  • communication controller/data concentrator type SO-55 or SO-5S
  • SO-52v11 or SO-52v21 controller with the required number of input, output and measurement modules

Additional equipment:

  • clocks/GPS time servers type SO-5530-GT or RTS/GPS in NTP/SNTP standard
  • GSM - GPRS/3G communication modules in the MSG type APN network with the possibility of installing two SIM grids
  • backup emergency signaling type SO-52v11-SC with an editable signaling panel
  • SO-52v11-eME power quality analyzers with recording of "transients" disturbances   []

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