For our Clients, but also all specialists interested in control and supervision systems, we offer a wide range of trainings. Apart from them, we are able to prepare an individual training, meeting, needs and expectations of a specific Client.

We conduct trainings in the following main subjects:

  • operation in the SYNDIS RV system
  • administration in the SYNDIS RV system
  • edition of databases and screens in the SYNDIS RV system
  • operation of devices for the SYNDIS SO-5 control and supervision system
  • operation of the SYNDIS PQ power quality assessment system
  • operation of the SYNDIS ES transformer monitoring system and its modules
  • administration in the SYNDIS Energy system
  • operation in the SYNDIS Energy report module
  • operation of network automation controllers for overhead and inside disconnectors
  • operation of controllers with protection automation functions for reclosers and retrofit

Our trainings enable their participants to obtain knowledge and abilities in the range of:

  • operation, update and administration of the implemented SYNDIS RV system
  • operation, configuration and update settings in SYNDIS system automation devices
  • exploitation and servicing SYNDIS system devices and software supplied within a specific implementation or independently
Trainings may be conducted in our head office or at Client’s, in a place and date convenient for both sides.

Trainings are realized in the form of seminars based on an accepted program. They are conducted by specialists possessing knowledge, experience and abilities in their area of interest. On request, they may include practical tasks (workshops). Participants receive appropriate materials which facilitate acquiring the knowledge and abilities covered by trainings.

For more details, please contact Anna Nowaczyk (e-mail:

The place, time and language of a training need to be agreed.