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13 czerwca 2023


Exactly 40 years ago MIKRONIKA was founded. The company was established on 13.06.1983 as a project of imaginative, creative, ambitious, courageous and reliable people..  

he company's primary goal has always been to provide the customer with reliable and innovative solutions. Today, the MIKRONIKA team consists of more than 500 people and has achieved, among others: 

- dozens of vast-area dispatching systems  

- central systems for power corporations 

- hundreds of control and supervision systems for highest voltage substations ​ 

- hundreds of control and supervision systems for 110-30-20-10-0,4kV substations 

- SCADA systems for RES 

- a wide range of solutions supporting energy transmission 

- Smart Grid ​systems 

- dozens of energy balancing and accounting systems  

Without a doubt, 40 years in the market is an incredible success. It would not be possible without you - our customers. Therefore, we want to celebrate this great event with those who have co-created the history of our company with us. You – as our customers – have had a direct impact on the directions we have taken over these 40 years, contributing our knowledge, experience, passion and commitment. 

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