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In industry, issues related to the control and reliability of power supply as well as automation and reduction of costs of energy utility consumption are an important element of the company management process.

MIKRONIKA also supports this sector with its offer. The systems we offer are used in such areas as:

  • management of the internal power grid through the use of network automation devices and the SYNDIS RV SCADA system,
  • conducting planned works and managing failures,
  • monitoring of power supply parameters and electricity quality,
  • obtaining data from electricity and other utilities meters and billing consumption,
  • optimization of the consumption of energy utilities and the costs of their purchase through monitoring and control as well as the use of the functionalities of the SYNDIS Energy system allowing you to choose from various forms of purchase (various tariffs, B2B contracts, energy exchanges, etc.),
  • automation of processes that have a significant impact on the continuity or safety of production,
  • provision of services, e.g. management of drainage installations in mines, management of passenger traffic at airports, monitoring of water treatment plants, monitoring of the operation of devices on the water and sewage network.

On the basis of the Syndis system, we implement TPS class systems (technical protection system). They monitor the movement of people and vehicles on the premises of the company, manage access control and integrate various alarm and fire alarm systems in one monitoring center.

MIKRONIKA offers comprehensive solutions using mostly proprietary software and devices of its own production. We adapt them to the specific needs of customers or, in special cases, we construct them from scratch.

Most often, MIKRONIKA products are used in such industries as:

  • mining – mines of hard coal and lignite, natural gas and crude oil
  • metallurgical – metallurgical smelters and foundries
  • chemical and petrochemical – chemical plants and refineries, fertilizers, pharmaceuticals
  • transmission and distribution – water and sewage and heating, electricity, gas companies
  • automotive
  • reinforcement
  • transport and logistics
  • telecommunications
  • food


Automatyzacja stacji
Bilansowanie i rozliczenia mediów energetycznych
Monitoring autotransformatorów
Ocena jakości energii
Lokalizacja i eliminacja uszkodzeń w sieci
Centralna akwizycja danych
Komunikacja pomiędzy systemami
Zabezpieczenie komunikacji głosowej

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