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Quality, environmental, health and safety policy

The main goal of MIKRONIKA's activity is the design, development, production, delivery and assembly of comprehensive industrial automation systems, software and maintenance services at customers' premises, providing:

• products and services at the highest quality technical level with the use of the best technologies, guaranteeing safety of service, reliability and customer satisfaction,

• systematic innovation, reliability, openness and flexibility to the needs and expectations of customers,

• maintaining one of the leading positions of domestic suppliers of system solutions for industrial automation, based on proprietary software and hardware base,

• conducting business in a manner consistent with the requirements of applicable regulations, standards and other requirements to which we are obliged to meet and which relate to our products, activities and resources as well as environmental aspects and aspects of occupational safety,

• continuous improvement of the conducted activity, while preventing pollution of the natural environment,

• systematic expansion of the areas of our activity and increasing the number of domestic and foreign customers,

• concern for the health and life of our employees and care for work safety in every position.

We achieve the above goals through:

• systematic monitoring of customers' perceptions as to the degree of fulfillment of the declared requirements and the use of customer opinions to improve the products and services offered and to achieve an increase in customer satisfaction,

• continuous monitoring and application in our operations of the current requirements of regulations, standards, other regulations that apply to us, as well as trends and technical progress,

• regular setting and updating of detailed quality, environmental and health and safety objectives at all levels of management and for all functions, effective implementation of plans to achieve them,

• making employees aware of the importance of meeting customer requirements, regulatory requirements and the importance of environmental protection and safety of employees and associates, as well as creating conditions for employee involvement in achieving goals,

• using only proven suppliers of materials and services that meet specific quality, environmental and health and safety requirements,

• systematic development of employees' qualifications and professional experience and improvement of the conditions of the working environment and infrastructure,

• taking systemic actions to prevent accidents, including accidents at work, near misses and occupational diseases,

• eliminating or minimizing the occurrence of threats to the health or life of employees through the use of appropriate techniques and tools at workplaces,

• systematic identification and analysis of occupational hazards and risks, and then taking actions to reduce the risk of accidents,

• using modern management techniques, in particular the use of IT support in process management,

• continuous improvement of the effectiveness of the integrated quality management systems, environmental management and occupational safety management that meet the requirements of the following standards: PN-EN ISO 9001: 2015, PN-EN ISO 14001: 2015 and PN-ISO 45001: 2018.


The Management Board of MIKRONIKA and the Employees are involved in the implementation of the quality, environmental and health and safety policy as well as the established goals.

The Management Board undertakes to provide the resources necessary to achieve the objectives set out in this policy of quality, environmental protection and OHS.

Marek Wawrzyniak
Poznań, December 8, 2020

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