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SYNDIS software versions 

Taking into account the size and class of objects and the specificity of the tasks performed, we create dedicated and specialized versions of the system:

  • dispatching software with integrated resource management modules (the most advanced application version of the system)
  • SCADA/NMS systems to support supervision, control and information collection with power grid management functions, used in substations of all types of voltages
  • automatic location of damage and restoration of the efficiency of the power grid
  • on-line monitoring of the condition of power transformers
  • monitoring and evaluation of electricity quality
  • technical protection of facilities

In our offer you can find the following software:

  • SYNDIS: SCADA/NMS class system with DMS/EMS/OMS functions, used in large-area and local power dispositions, performs all network operations related to its operation. Supervision of station systems, remote control, collection of measurements, topological analyses are his basic tasks. In addition to typical dispatching functions, supporting traffic management, the system offers tools for inventory of assets, supporting operation and investment planning.
  • SYNDIS SAS SO-5: a distributed SCADA system with a set of specialized devices, designed for the automation of substations of all voltage levels. Its core is an integrated software that, working with field controllers, data concentrators, security and other telemechanics devices, creates a comprehensive station automation system.
  • SYNDIS ENERGY: the AMR type system, especially focused on balancing and settlement of energy utilities, provides data reading from specialized devices intended for recording: energy, flows, data from belt scales and from pulse and digital meters, as well as from adders of various manufacturers. The user configures the system himself: creates the necessary balance sheets, adds further devices and analytical modules, creates a form of presentation of the state of devices.
  • SYNDIS ES/ESB: DMS system with expert knowledge base designed for monitoring network and block autotransformers.
  • SYNDIS PQ: DMS system for energy quality assessment based on domestic and foreign standards, has appropriate statistical analysis mechanisms, extensive reports and a presentation layer.
  • SYNDIS ARGUS: surveillance and visualization system for technical protection systems of facilities.
  • SYNDIS AQUA: drainage control system in mines, taking into account environmental aspects.
  • SYNDIS FDIR: automation system integrated with the SCADA/DMS module, used for detection, short circuit isolation and automatic reconfiguration in the intelligent MV and LV network.
  • SYNDIS OMS: analytical system for central data acquisition from OMS/SCADA modules. Three-tier system: Processing, Data warehouse, Report generator. The system implements central business processes - reporting SAIDI/SAIFI indicators, calculation of discounts, ERO reports, reports on network status, etc.
  • SYNDIS MOS: mobile system for managing the work of brigades and ambulances.
  • SYNDIS infoMIK: the system is used to present textual information, graphics and video sequences on distributed information boards made in plasma or LCD technology.
  • SMART Audit: the system enables the management of the control process and ensures effective monitoring of control mechanisms for all processes considered important.
  • SYNDIS SOAP: the system has the ability to communicate with external applications using the SOAP protocol (Simple Object Access Protocol).
  • SYNDIS KONOS: a system used to fully secure the voice communication of dispatchers in energy companies.
  • SYNDIS WNZ: monitors partial discharges in transformers, autotransformers and chokes, using the EA acoustic method, high frequency HF and ultra-high frequency UHF. The module also implements innovative algorithms for the identification and evaluation of PD based on the combined use of all three methods.
  • SYNDIS IB: specialized "intelligent building" software for 1-Wire field networks and measuring and control devices.

At every stage of the implementation of these systems and their development, we provide all assistance and are always at your disposal.

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