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Data transmission systems

The SO-55 controller is a modular communication and control device (concentrator), included in the SO-5 station devices manufactured by Mikronika. The concept of SO-55 construction is based on the idea of reading data from external devices (using a protocol appropriate for this device), standardizing them, placing data in the database and then making this data available to other physical devices communicating with SO-55 or virtual devices that are modules software in the concentrator.

Based on the SO-55 hardware family, it is possible to obtain devices that fulfill various functions in the system.
The SO-55 controller working as a converter can perform the widely understood conversion of protocols for various devices and systems. This conversion is carried out by multi-channel and multi-threading.
The SO-55 controller, working as a protection concentrator, enables the handling of most protections occurring in power stations of all voltage levels. It has the ability to connect many types of digital protections from different manufacturers. It also enables the implementation of local automatics functions, e.g. inter-field interlocks. It can also communicate with several remote dispatch centers (KDM, ODM, ZDM, RDR). All communication inputs are galvanically isolated.
The SO-55 controller, working as a communication controller, enables the operation of bay controllers operating at stations in a distributed or centralized configuration. It also enables the implementation of control and automation functions in cooperation with field controllers. It then tests the correctness of control commands, checks authorizations, checks the lifetime of the control command and many more.
The SO-55 controller, operating as a transformer voltage regulator, allows you to control the transformer ratio in order to maintain the voltage at the set level on the selected station busbars and at the set level of reactive power flowing through the individual transformers. The controller uses the available transformer measurements and the control signals are determined by an appropriate algorithm.

SO-55 communication controller

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