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Specialized systems

MKN-001 (voltage control module)

MKN-001 module is designed to control the status of three-phase voltages in energy measurement circuits. The module can co-operate with typical measuring transformers with a secondary voltage of 100/√3V, installed in medium voltage (MV) feeders and high voltage (HV) feeders. Wide range of input voltages of the measuring system and adjustable signaling thresholds also allow direct monitoring of 230/400V low voltage (LV) feeders.

MKN-001 module is an accessory for the SO 52UPR-101 measuring and registering system cassette and can also co-operate with compatible measuring and registering systems of other types.

MKN-001 module performs measurements and monitors the status of voltages supplied from voltage transformers, Y-connected to three phases of the feeder line. Phase and phase-to-phase voltages are measured. Their values are monitored in relation to preset threshold parameters. The presence of voltages and their status are transmitted by binary signals and entered by contact to the RZS-101 event register module. One event register can co-operate with several MKN-001 modules.

Indication LEDs are located on the front panel of the MKN-001 module to provide information on the current status of the device.

MKN-001 module is produced in two design versions: with an RS-485 interface connector present on the front panel of the module or without it. In both versions, RS-485 interface is also connected to J1 port. The JRS connector, located on the front panel, serves for configuration and testing of the module using the configuration software.  [-]

Exemplary MKN-001 voltage control module

MZA-601 (power supply)

MZA-601 power supply module is designed for operation in the enclosure of the SO-52UPR-101 measuring and recording system. Parallel operation of two modules supplied from different circuits (e.g. one from 230V AC and the other from 220V DC) is possible in order to increase the reliability of the supplied system. The power supply module has a wide input voltage range; the nominal output voltage is 24V DC. The output power of the power supply module is 250W.

The module is cooled passively. It is also equipped with overheating and output short circuit protection. Once the cause of the protection trip is terminated, the device automatically returns to operation. The power supply module is also protected against overload. The overcurrent protection threshold is 17A. Return to normal operation takes place 30ms after the overload has ended. 24V factory default output voltage of the module is adjustable within ±1.2V by a potentiometer located inside the module.

LEDs located on the front panel indicate the operating status of the power supply module.

MZA-601 has a 15-pin DIN 41612 type H15 connector for connecting the module to external circuits. The entire unit is enclosed in a shielded casing that can inserted into the enclosure of the measuring and recording system.  [-]

Exemplary MZA-601 power supply

RZS-100 (disturbance recorder)

The RZS-100 disturbance recorder module is designed for collecting events and monitoring operation in power metering and billing systems of the SO-52UPR-101 type. It can also be applied to record other events at power substations of all voltage levels and in industrial automation systems. The recorder module enables creation of group signals as well as duplication of occurring signals for tele-signaling purposes and their transmission to the supervision system.

The device constitutes a component of substation automation systems. It can co-operate with local or remote control and supervision systems via a network connection with a hot-pluggable SFP interface for 100/1000Base-TX or 10/1000Base-FX connections in any standard communication protocol.

The recorder module records state changes on its twenty eight binary inputs. Each state change on an input is recorded in the unit's internal non-volatile memory with a 1 ms resolution time and date; at the same time alarm notification is displayed as a message on the built-in LCD display.

The recorder can work with the following external circuits:

  • binary inputs
  • power supply
  • signaling
  • communication with control and supervision system of the substation
  • communication with the maintenance PC

The signaling voltage is 24V DC. The recorder is equipped with two independent signaling circuits: main and back-up. The front panel is equipped with a keypad for operating the screen and a large button, which is used, among others, to confirm the process of deleting events in the recorder. Three signaling LEDs inform the user about the status of the recorder. Up to 10,000 events can be recorded in the buffer.   [-]

Exemplary RZS-100 disturbance recorder

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