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Overhead circuit-breaker controlling

In order to carry functions of automation out deep inside SN networks, are needed reklozery - overhead switches with protection automation

Exemplary SO-54-SR-1xx-REK device

Reclosers play an important role in the process of isolating a faulty line because they also have protection automation. In the first stage, it is the recloser that automatically turns off a part of the MV network. In the second stage, with the use of the FDIR module (a functional element of the SYNDIS system) and remotely controlled switchgear, power is restored in a part of the MV network, except for the damaged part.

Control of disconnectors with automation

The SO-52v11-eMTZR and SO-54SR-1xx/2xx controllers are also used to supervise circuit breakers in MV networks.

More detailed information about the SO-52v11-eMTZR controller is available in the group:
Devices > Substation automation > MV protection group >SO-52v11-eMTZR

The description for the SO-54SR-1xx device can be found in the group:
Devices > Substation automation > MV protection > SO-54SR-141   []

Disconnectors controlled by radio with controllers

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