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Switch disconnectors supervision

Network automation controllers of the SO-54SR-3xx, -4xx and -5xx series are used in intelligent power grids of the Smart Grid type, especially in the implementation of telemechanics and automation functions resulting from the FDIR functionality. Designed to operate outdoor and indoor MV switch disconnectors, MV/LV stations and independent short-circuit indicators. Controllers Integrate the functions of measurement, control, telemechanics, short-circuit indicator/sectionalizer and multi-channel disturbance recorder.

The devices enable communication with the SCADA system via Ethernet, serial permanent link or using the built-in 4G LTE modem. An external TETRA terminal can be connected to the controllers of this family. A wide selection of communication ports enables redundancy of connection with the Scada system. To ensure data protection and confidentiality, the controllers have implemented "Cyber ​​security" mechanisms in accordance with the PN-EN 62351 standard.

Depending on the model, the controller may have:

  • 16÷48 binary inputs
  • 4÷12 control outputs
  • 3÷9 voltage inputs (voltage measurement using capacitive dividers, voltage sensors or voltage transformers)
  • 4÷12 current inputs (current measurements using 1A secondary current transformers, Rogowski coils or other current transducers)   []
Exemplary SO-54SR-301 (left), -401, -501 devices
Exemplary SO-54SR-321 (left), -421, -521 devices

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