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Supervision of the MV, MV / LV stations

In order to ensure the most reliable energy supply, efforts should be made to automate both MV/LV stations and devices located in the depth of the network. Smart Grid is a modern power system that intelligently integrates the activities of all participants, i.e. generation, transmission, distribution and use, in order to provide electricity in a safe, economically viable and least emergency manner.

The general concept of MV/LV substation monitoring is presented in the block diagram opposite.

Binary signals for monitoring on the low voltage side:

  • door opening signal
  • indication of battery operation (no 230V AC power supply)
  • low battery indication
  • battery damage indication
  • connection of the transformer anti-theft module
  • signaling of voltage decay by binary outputs from the balancing meter
  • signaling of exceeding the voltage thresholds
  • indication of burnout of LV fuse links – (1-8 signals)
  • addition - short-circuit current flow signaling in the MV line
The concept of monitoring MV / LV stations in the minimum version  []

The devices that can be used to implement the concept of intelligent supervision of MV/LV substations are: SO-52v21, USP-140 and DCM-100.

The digital nature of the network allows for great flexibility in its management. In addition, Smart Grid networks allow for remote reading of energy meters, observation of the network status and quick response to permanent disruptions in energy supply.   []

Equipment for the supervision of MV / LV stations  []

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