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Overhead switch controlling

The current trends in the energy market mean that the aim is to minimize downtimes resulting from the removal of failures. The way to achieve this goal is the use of Smart Grid devices and efficient systems supporting control and management in dispatch centers. The times of isolating a damaged section of the grid and restoring energy supplies to the largest possible group of consumers depend on the saturation of the area with devices dedicated to Smart Grid networks in MV networks.

The functionality in question is FDIR (Fault Detection, Isolation and Restoration) - short circuit detection, isolation and reconstruction of the network. The FDIR module is a set of functionalities of the SCADA SYNDIS RV system that implement algorithms for short-circuit detection, their isolation and automatic reconfiguration in the MV and LV smart grid. This functionality is a component of the DMS class system, providing support to the SYNDIS system dispatcher in the scope of monitoring the control of the Smart Grid network.

We offer controllers for radio-controlled disconnectors with automatics (sectionalizers). The detection is based on the measurement of currents from current transformers and voltages from reactance dividers.

Disconnectors controlled by radio with controllers

Another group of devices in Smart Grid networks are radio-controlled disconnectors with short-circuit current signaling. The SO-52v21 or USP-120-x devices can be used for control.   []

Disconnectors controlled by radio with controllers

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