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Electric power engineering

MIKRONIKA has a wide range of products for all sectors of the professional power industry, in particular for:

  • transmission (Transmission System Operators – TSO)
  • distribution (Distribution System Operators – DSO)
  • generation (System Power Plants, Combined Heat and Power Plants and RES).

We provide comprehensive services related to the delivery, implementation, development and maintenance of SCADA ADMS class systems. Proprietary SYNDIS software is used to manage the operation of the power grid at all voltage levels and large power facilities.

Through specialized modules, the functional range of solutions is adapted to the type of enterprise and individual customer requirements. The architecture of the system enables the creation of projects based on central network management and the construction of local structures while maintaining the required levels of security and business continuity.

MIKRONIKA is also a manufacturer of a number of devices related to network and station automation. They are used on various types of facilities for all voltage levels, in transmission, switchboard and DC traction networks.

Along with the production and delivery of equipment, we provide comprehensive design, execution and implementation services.

We conduct training and service/ maintenance works in the field of installation and operation of devices or SCADA systems.

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