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Power quality analyzers

This analyzer SO-52v11-eME is designed to record, measure and analyze the quality of electric energy in power switchings substation bays of low, medium and high voltage. The analyzer measures values and parameters required for power quality assessment according to requirements of appropriate standards. Single analyzers may be connected into a network which constitutes a hardware aspect of a distributed substation system which monitors the power quality continuously.

Data may be saved on either in the analyzer internal memory or on a memory card (SD-type). It is sent via any type of connection (Ethernet, GPRS) to a data server. After sending to a superior system, it is further processed, analyzed and prepared for presentation. It is the task of the specialized power quality assessment system, SYNDIS PQ.

The analyzer may be produced in a version with one power quality module (version SO-52v11-eME-1) or with two of them (version SO-52v11-eME-2). The one-module version is used to measure parameters of 4 voltages and 4 currents in one measurement bay of a power network. The two-module version enables to measure the power quality simultaneously in two points of a power network. Each module is configured separately, so measurements may be performed on different levels of voltage and current. E.g. on the UV and LV sides of a transformer or on a busbar and feeder bay in a switching substation.

The configuration below is presented for the SO-52v11-eME-1 model:

  • MJE-426 (4x voltage measurement inputs, 4x current measurement inputs)
  • PJC-911-1 (central unit - 3x Ethernet (SFP), 1x RS-232/422/485, 1x RS-485, 1x USB, SD memory card (available on the facade), Z-PCI-e bus, 1x RS-232 service)
  • STP-116 * (16 binary inputs, 4 signal outputs)
  • MZA-410 (power supply module)

The configuration for the SO-52V11-eME-2 model:

  • 2x MPL-426
  • PJC-911-1
  • STP-116 *
  • MZA-410

*) option

Exemplary SO-52v11-eME-1 device

The standardized communication protocols in the analyzer enable to cooperate with data reading and analyzing systems from various manufacturers. The device is designed for installation in harsh environmental conditions, with the presence of high level of dust, humidity and electromagnetic interferences. [-]

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