23 listopada 2022


After a 3-year break we finally participated in another edition of Energetics Power Fair in Lublin. This is one of the biggest branch events in Poland – including not only presentation of modern devices, apparatus and technologies for the power industry, but also exchange of experience between specialists from Poland and other countries. This year the exhibition was held between 15th and 17th November.

It took us several months to prepare well for this event. The analysis of the current geopolitical situation did not answer if fair in such a specific region of Poland would attract attention of exhibitors.  In the Lublin region there are numerous investments related to modernization of the power infrastructure and increased implementation of renewable energy sources. It is also a home for headquarters of many important power companies. This is the reason why we focused on various promotion actions, which results were far beyond our expectations.

A number of highly-qualified representatives of the power sector and numerous branches of industry come to Lublin. Almost 200 companies were represented during the fair, both concerns (domestic an international) and individual entrepreneurs. At our stand we hosted decision makers from almost each department of PGE Dystrybucja, what pleased us a lot.

The event gathers leaders of the power industry, who had the opportunity to present their achievements and capabilities. We also showed our numerous solutions – both hardware and software ones. The biggest attention should be paid to the project named SMIWUZ, which we realized with Tauron Dystrybucja. SMIWUZ is an innovative system for effective monitoring and supporting protection devices compliant with DMS (Distribution Management System) assumptions together with prototypes of protections controllers (including signalizers) for a medium voltage network.

To sum up, Energetics Power Fair is a great opportunity to extend the knowledge and a forum to exchange practical observations and talks about current development directions for the branch, implemented innovations and an occasion to establish direct business contacts between exhibitors and designers, service suppliers and representatives of leading power companies – both from Poland and abroad. Energetics Power Fair includes also numerous conferences, lectures and trainings which cover current subjects and issues important for the power industry.

Our effort put in promotion actions paid off well. We created a very interesting stand with eye-catching graphics, what draw attention and made our place distinguishable. Organizer of the fair appreciated that and we received a distinction award for the form of fair promotion.

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