26 stycznia 2023


In the end of 2022 we assigned a contract for delivery of – among others – 71x telemetry controllers from the SO-54SR family, which shall replace devices in existing objects in the area of operation of a distribution system operator in the southern part of Poland..

It all started back in late 2021, we were asked to prepare a budget quote for nearly 90 facilities – from overhead disconnects to small RS's. In indicated facilities there were still operating primarily trunking controllers from another supplier.

In addition to our controllers, we will also deliver new power supplies, battery packs and GSM and TETRA antenna installations. Installation of the new components in existing automation cabinets will be carried out directly by the investor's services, which will also use cables (adapters) specially prepared by us to facilitate the transition between the old and new technical solutions. Implementation of the facilities by the investor's staff will also be preceded by dedicated trainings.

Our Clients

MIKRONIKA sp. z o.o.

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MIKRONIKA sp. z o.o.

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