7 września 2022


On 24th August 2022 we hosted in our company very important guests, invited by Mikronika’s CEO Marek Wawrzyniak – representatives of ZPUE company. It was not just anybody but the ZPUE’s CEO – Michał Wypychewicz – and SCM and Coordination Director – Wojciech Marcinkowski. During this meeting Mikronika was represented by our CEO – Marek Wawrzyniak, owner – Przemysław Wronek, Implementation Director – Zbigniew Grzeszczuk, and Project Coordinator – Krzysztof Wronek. In was the first visit of ZPUE’s Board at such a high level.

The meeting concerned main further cooperation and resolving new subjects on rapidly changing power market. Also solutions were discussed that aim at limiting issues connected with breaks in supply chains to fulfill contract on time.

First business contacts between the companies date back to middle 90s of the previous century. We have cooperated with ZPUE during quite a few contracts; an example of a more complex project by our companies is the THO-RC27 recloser, designed in 2015, for which we supply the SO-54SR-111-1.4 REK control unit. Our common idea and first implementations (FDIR pilotage in Zamość 2015/2016) we have also developed the first disconnector in Poland equipped with an integrated set of U and I measurements, which is the basic network element for FDIR systems.

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