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Controller RTU SO-52v21

The RTU (Remote Terminal Unit) controller based on SO-52v21 is designed to perform control and supervisory functions in medium voltage switching stations (MV-S), controlled via a network link or wirelessly.

RTU SO-52v21 performs measurement and control functions required in power automation, especially working in a simplified structure. The device can be used in electric power stations, power plants, chemical plants, sewage treatment plants and others. Large communication resources enable operation in various communication networks, based on Ethernet, GPRS/GSM transmission, radio transmission in dedicated and open channels, modem transmission in public telephone networks or separate networks.

Small dimensions and extensive communication possibilities make the controller particularly useful in SMART GRID applications.

The parameters of the application software can be edited using the specialized pConfig configuration program in order to ensure the functionality required by the user.

RTU SO-52v21 provides a high level of user security thanks to the built-in "cyber security" mechanisms that ensure data protection and confidentiality, operational reliability, protection against unauthorized operation and human error prevention. Mechanisms for the protection of communication, remote and local access as well as the protection of sensitive data have been implemented.

The device can be powered by various voltages depending on the user's needs. When the application requires increased system reliability, the device can be provided with a buffered redundant power supply.

The device is mounted in a metal housing type RXA with dimensions of 350 x 430 x 250mm (WxHxD) and is shown in the picture on the right.

Examples of RTU SO-52v21 controller elements:

  • SO-52v21 controller
  • 230V AC power supply - type MZB-220
  • batteries - type SBL 7.2-12
  • omni-directional GSM antennas - type ATDOK-47
  • digital thermometer - type DS18B20
  • single-module circuit breaker - type EP101UC C06
  • two-module switch - type SO2 B06TX
  • two-color LED signaling lamp - type AD16-22SS
  • power terminal block

Safe communication in the SO-52v21 series devices can be realized through various transmission media, such as Ethernet network in the 100Base-TX, 100Base-FX standard, galvanically separated serial links SR-232 and RS-485 or through dedicated fiber optic links.   []

Exemplary RTU SO-52v21 controller, inside the cabinet with the controller

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