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Signalization panels

SWL-005/ZL7 (LED signaling controller)
PCS-xxx (central signaling panel)

SWL-005/ZL7 (LED signaling controller)

The SWL-005 / ZL7 controller is designed to operate LEDs installed on mimic boards, dispatcher boards, local displays, scoreboards, clocks, etc. Using the
SWL-005 controller you can control 128 or 192 LEDs. The following LED operating states are possible: on, off, inversion, flashing. The diodes or displays are statically controlled, so there is no flicker and no noise is emitted.

The controller can be made in one of two versions:

  • SWL-005 / ZL7-128 - has 16 connectors for control, supports up to 128 LEDs
  • SWL-005 / ZL7-192 - has 24 control connectors, supports up to 192 LEDs

The diodes are controlled from an adjustable current source, so there is no need to use resistors and it is possible to connect a diode of any color of light.

The controller is equipped with an RS-485 interface, which enables the connection of a network consisting of up to 32 addressed drivers, i.e. controlling up to 24,576 light elements (128 * 192). The driver supports the MODBUS protocol.  []

Exemplary SWL-005/ZL7

PCS-xxx (central signaling panel)

The PCS-xxx Central Signaling Panel is an element of the energy station supervision system. It allows you to generate light and sound alarms as a result of previously defined logical dependencies for events appearing in the system.

The device is produced in several variants. The first of them - PCS-101 - consists of the SWL-005 controller and the SWL-ZL5 module, on which there are 64 RGB diodes with a diameter of 5 mm for visualization of the statuses on the site and 3 status diodes to determine the operating status of the set.

The second version is the PCS-201 panel, which is made of the SWL-005 driver and the SWL-ZL6 diode module, on which there are 10 RGB LEDs with a diameter of 10 mm.

The third version is the PCS-301/302 panel, which is the equivalent of the PCS-101, adapted to be mounted in a 19”/3U rack. The surfaces of the luminous elements have been increased and functional buttons have been added.

Examples of PCS-301 devices built into the cabinet

Using specialized software, the user can give appropriate priorities to alarms, assigning them an additional color of the LED. The available colors are: red, green, yellow and blue. It is also possible to set the brightness level of each of them. Any defined alarm can be additionally associated with sound signaling generated in the LED panel or connected to one of several configurable signaling outputs. It is also possible to create logical functions that connect specific events in the so-called collective alarms.

PCS-xxx connects to the master system by the MODBUS protocol using the RS-485 interface. The use of this interface allows you to create a network of 32 devices, located on the bus up to 1200 m.   []

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