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Measuring and execution

WSG-xxx - branch controller
WCT-003 - temperature sensor
WCC-002 - Pressure sensor
WIC-001 - relay controller
WOD-006 - state sensor

WSG-xxx - branch controller

WSG-xxx - Branch controller
The WSG-xxx Branch Controller is designed to work with remote devices based on "1-Wire" systems from DALLAS SEMICONDUCTOR.

The standard version of the WSG-xxx controller enables cooperation with the following devices:

  • WCT-002 (-)
  • WCC-002 (-)
  • WIC-001 (-)
  • WOD-006 (-)  []

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Exemplary WSG-002

WCT-003 - temperature sensor

The WCT-003 temperature sensor is designed for temperature measurement in the range of -55 to +125 ºC.

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Przykładowy czujnik WCT-003

WCC-002 - pressure sensor

Not recommended to apply in new solutions

The absolute pressure or differential pressure can be measured with the WCC-002 pressure sensor.

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WIC-001 - Relay controller

The WIC-001 controller works with 230V bistable relays, it also allows reading 230V voltage.

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WOD-006 - State sensor

The WOD-006 sensor has two binary inputs. Communication with the device is carried out using the 1-Wire protocol.

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