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Primary devices in power substations

USP-001-PZ - tap changer controller

SO-52v11-eMC-A - intelligent transforming coding controller

Stable temperature is crucial for transformer failure-free exploatation! Our device controls its cooling system to ensure optimal temperatures of oil, core and windings.

Our controller recognizes the operation conditions and reacts adequately. Let’s say, it performs intelligent control.

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Exemplary SO-52v11-eMC-A1

SO-52v11-eMB - Cooling system monitoring

The SO-52v11-eMB is a device designed to monitor the transformer cooling system.

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Exemplary SO-52v11-eMB

SO-52v11-eMT - Telecontrol system

The telecontrol system based on SO-52v11-eMT devices.

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Exemplary communication between devices of the telecontrol system
An example of a device SO-52v11-eMT

SMT-102 - Bushing monitoring

The SMT-102 is a Transformer Overvoltage Transmitter Registration Module The module description is in the device group "Devices> Disturbance recorders".

CPT-00x - Measuring probe

The CPT-00x measuring probe is designed for on-line monitoring of transformer insulators.

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Exemplary CPT-001-221

USP-001-PZ - Tap changer converter

The USP device is designed to monitor the OLTC condition. It is usually installed in a transformer's cubicle. It can work separately or in the scope of the expert monitoring system. Currents and voltages of the OLTC drive supply are acquired by the device as well as the binary signals, which describe the tap changer operation state.

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Exemplary USP-001-PZ

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