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Primary devices in power substations

SO-52v11-eMC-A  (cooling system controller)
SO-52v11-eMB (cooling system monitoring)
SO-52v11-eMT (telecontrol system)
SMT-102/103 (monitoring of bushings)
CPT-00x (measurement probe)
USP-001-PZ (tap changer converter)

SO-52v11-eMC-A (cooling system controller)

The SO-52v11-eMC-A controller is designed to control the cooling system of oil transformers and two-winding and three-winding autotransformers. The main task of the controller is to maintain the temperature of the solid insulation within the assumed limits and to prevent its overheating. The controller also monitors the oil insulation. Maintaining the proper temperature should be independent of the changing load, ambient temperature and other environmental conditions. The controller also controls the switching on of the cooling system elements by rotating switching the order of switching on the cooling groups. The controller also has an automatic cooling function to prevent the so-called "Found devices".

The basic parameters of the device are: maximum oil temperature measurement and load current measurement; external binary signals are also collected, e.g. signaling that the transformer is energized. The temperature of the winding's hottest point is also calculated. The method of its calculation is selected during the driver configuration. The device has a sufficient number of binary inputs and outputs required for control and signaling to the SSiN station supervisory system. The cooling controller also has analog outputs, which are intended for the analog presentation of the measured temperatures.

Exemplary SO-52v11-eMC-A1

The controller performs its functions by handling feedback signals and generating warnings along with sound, light and other alarms. They result from previously defined logical dependencies or occurring sequences of events.

The controller has a modular structure and its basic components are:

  • CPU1 - PJC-812-2 - central unit. The central unit module performs calculations of the thermal model, communication with station devices and systems, supports the local KWG terminal, collects events from binary inputs, implements cooling system control algorithms based on measurements from current measurement inputs and temperature inputs, sends control and signaling to binary outputs 1A / 230V AC
  • DOU1 - MSS-266 module - 1A / 230V AC digital outputs. The module contains 12 control relays with change-over contacts with a load capacity of 1A / 230V AC for a resistive load. The contacts of these outputs in the NC system - normally closed, are used to control the cooling groups. Contacts in the NO system - normally open are used to output warning and alarm signals. The type of contact is marked on the front of the module
  • AIU1 - MTI-101 module - 4-20mA temperature inputs / 0-5A current measurement inputs. The module has 4 configurable temperature measurement inputs from PT100 or Ni-Cd sensors and 4 current measurement inputs in the range of 0-5A
  • IOU1 - MIA-101 module - 4-20mA analog outputs / 24V DC digital inputs. The module has 6 analog outputs in the range of 4-20mA and 8 binary inputs for voltage 24V DC with a common potential (+) and active state "short to (-)"
  • PSU1 - MZA-410 module - cooling controller power supply. The PSU module is equipped with overcurrent protection with current reduction in the event of a short circuit, overvoltage protection and a relay indicating the operating status of the device   []

SO-52v11-eMB (cooling system monitoring)

The SO-52v11-eMB controller is a device designed to monitor the transformer cooling system. It is equipped with a set of digital and analog inputs that can perform all the required functions. The device also measures temperature.

The SO-52v11-eMB controller consists of the following modules:

  • MWS-206w.231 (32x 230V AC binary inputs module)
  • MTI-111 (4x current inputs 5A AC, 3x current inputs 4 ÷ 20mA, 4x measurement inputs for temperature sensors PT100 / PT1000)
  • PJC-822-2 (CPU module, 2x Ethernet FX, 1x Ethernet TP, 1x RS-485, 1x RS-232,
    1x RS-232 service channel)
  • PTS-724 (RS-485 serial transmission module)
  • MZA-502 (power supply)

The SO-52v11-eMB controller is designed to work with the SYNDIS ES and ESB software.   []

Exemplary SO-52v11-eMB

SO-52v11-eMT (telecontrol system)

The telecontrol system based on SO-52v11-eMT devices is used to monitor and control geographically dispersed processes of technological interlocks between remote primary devices such as circuit breakers, disconnectors, earthing switches operating at the ends of a power line. The system also collects states at distant substations. Such a system integrates dispersed primary devices into one coherent telemechanics system. Binary states read at the inputs of one of the devices are transferred using a special, reliable PRP protocol, via optical fiber links, to the outputs of the other device. Analogous, binary states sent to the second device are transferred to the outputs of the first device. The telecontrol system can be used as part of the security system.

Exemplary communication between devices of the telecontrol system

The device has a modular structure with IP50 resistance class. A 19 ”wide cassette can accommodate the following configuration:

  • MPA-360-04 central unit (1 packet, 3 "/ 6U wide)
  • MZA-410 power supply (1 ÷ 2 packets, 2 ”/ 6U wide)
  • binary inputs MWS-207w.221 or MWS-207w.111 (1 ÷ 4 packets, 1 "/ 6U)
  • binary outputs MSS-611 (1 ÷ 8 packets, 1 "/ 6U)   []
An example of a device SO-52v11-eMT

SMT-102/103 (bushing monitoring)

The SMT-102/103 is a Transformer Overvoltage Transmitter Registration Module. The module description is in the device group "Devices> Disturbance recorders".

CPT-00x (measuring probe)

The CPT-00x measuring probe is intended for use in on-line monitoring systems of transformer bushings. The probe, together with the capacitance of the bushing, forms a capacitive divider that matches the voltage level from the bushing to the input of the SMT-10x recording device. It works with the SMT-10x module for recording overvoltages of the transformer bushing.   []

Exemplary CPT-001-221

USP-001-PZ (tap changer converter)

The specialized USP-001-PZ transducer is designed to supervise the operation of the on-load tap changer. The device monitors its condition and signals anomalies occurring in the operation of the switch. Additionally, the module records predefined data, which are used during the analysis of the correct operation of the switch. These parameters can be read from the device remotely or locally and processed e.g. by external software. The device can be a component of any distributed telemechanics system in the environment of both the energy sector and any industrial installations. The device can work with the SYNDIS system, and equally well with any other SCADA type system.

The USP-001-PZ device is equipped with the following types of input and output connectors:

  • 8x BI-IN - galvanically separated two-state voltage inputs, to which you can send PSS mechanism status signals, position encoder signals or PSS mechanism rotation sensor
  • 5x CO-OUT - relay control outputs, two of them are intended for signaling warning and alarm states, the other three can be programmed according to individual needs
  • 4x IN-U - galvanically separated voltage analog inputs, intended for the measurement of voltages supplied to the OLTC drive motor
  • 4x IN-I - galvanically separated current analog inputs, designed to measure the currents supplying the PZZ motor   []
Exemplary USP-001-PZ

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