SO-52v11 RTU controller / object and bay controller

The SO-52v11 controller is designed to perform measurements and controls in the switchgear fields of all voltage levels. It can also be used in automation of boiler rooms, pumping stations, treatment plants and other industrial facilities. It enables the realization of distributed telemechanics and field measurements within station automation systems. The device can be included in an integrated system of station blockades. It performs built-in synchronous switching functions and field disturbance functions.

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Exemplary SO-52v11 device in case Radmor
Exemplary SO-52v11 device in case Radmor

SO-52v12 RTU controller / object and bay controller

The SO-52v12 modular device family has been designed to perform various functions of automation and telemechanics systems in power transmission and distribution stations. These devices can also be used in industrial control systems for the automation of heating plants, pumping stations, sewage treatment plants and other industrial facilities. Devices made on the basis of modules from this family cooperate with SCADA systems, in various transmission protocols.

The block diagram of the controller is presented on the right.

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Exemplary SO-52v11 device in case Radmor

Each controller of the SO-52v12 family requires configuration using specialized pConfig software. The configuration of the device relates to the functional characteristics. It includes the properties of functions that result from the purpose and functionality of the device, such as the implementation of synchronization functions, auto-reclosing, interlocks, registration parameters, security operation, etc.

The configuration software is also used to parameterize individual controller modules, e.g.  []

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This software enables or disables specific communication functions of the device, such as modem support, serial transmission parameters, network transmission properties and types and structures of communication protocols.  []

SO-52v21 RTU controller / object and bay controller

The SO-52v21 series is a modular system built on a homogeneous hardware base. They are intended for use in power stations and other industrial facilities, in order to perform telemechanics and automation functions. Features of this device class include measurement, control and monitoring of the state of objects and devices.

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Exemplary SO-52v21 controller

SO-55 – Communications Controller / protection concentrator

Modular communication and control device, included in SO-5 station equipment system.

The SO-55 can be used as a communication controller, security hub, communication controller with object I/O block, protocol converters, Ethernet switch, PSTN modem connection, GPRS communication, trunking and 430÷450 MHz.

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Exemplary SO-55 device

SO-52v11-eMW - circuit-breaker module

The SO-52v11-eMW circuit breaker module is designed to control the circuit breaker at 110kV, 220kV and 400kV substations. The control is performed with the use of automatic reconnection automatics (ARS) or manually. When switching on, it is possible to use a synchronism module which, depending on the current voltage, phase and frequency conditions, enables the switch to be closed at the most advantageous moment. Standardized communication protocols have been implemented in the device, which enables full cooperation with supervisory systems of various manufacturers. []

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An example of the structure of the SO-52v11-eMW controller
Exemplary SO-52v11-eMW device (packet side view)
Exemplary SO-52v11-eMW device (view from the control panel)

SO-52v21-PC-xx - controller with arc-suppression coil

The SO-52v21-PC-xx controller is intended for use in medium voltage networks. Supports optimal selection of the network work point by controlling the Petersen coil.

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Przykładowy sterownik SO-52v21-PC-TP

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