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a comprehensive system of supervision, consulting and control

The SYNDIS system is our response to clients needs. Its design is based on experience and solutions in various branches of industry ranging from testing, measuring and steering to data processing and transmission. Year by year, new solutions are added to the already broad SYNDIS system's range of application.

The up-to-date version of the system introduces completely new ways of application by various services, depending on the needs, while enabling the customization of data acquisition and presentation.A huge asset of SYNDIS is that it is compatible with WINDOWS and LINUX operating systems and can work using Oracle, MariaDB and PostgreSQL databases. To sum up, a universal user interface which provides unlimited possibilities of creating diagrams and schemes with a variety of symbols, signs and marks, as well as simple message text processing and cooperation with all kinds of object devices, allows the SYNDIS system to be applied in every branch of activity requiring a modern and efficient system of supervision. 

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