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Serial device servers

MSG-705 (router / serial ports server)
RS-ETH-003 (converter / serial ports server)
STC-3xx (switch / serial port server)

MSG-705 (router / serial ports server)

MSG-705-xx is a router with serial server functionality. It also acts as a modem, data concentrator and protocol converter. The device is intended for use in Smart Grid and Smart Metering systems for devices that do not autonomously support GPRS/UMTS/LTE standards. Communication with the router from the GSM network side is realized in TCP/IP or UDP network protocols. And from the field side, the MSG-705-xx has two Ethernet ports at its disposal. As standard, the router works with electronic electricity meters, digital security devices, reclosers, biogas controllers, wind farms or photovoltaic farms or other controllers / systems equipped with MSG-compatible communication interfaces.

The MSG-705-xx router is produced in two variants. The MSG-705-8 model has 8 galvanically separated serial transmission channels, and the MSG-705-16 model has 16. Each of the serial ports can be independently programmed to work in the RS-232, RS-422 or RS-485 mode.

Exemplary MSG-705-8

The router's power supply is galvanically separated from the communication interfaces and logic circuits. Multilateral galvanic isolation guarantees high operational reliability, resistance to damage caused by overvoltages and immunity to interference.

The integrated communication modem is equipped with two SIM card slots, making it possible to operate in networks of two different operators.

In the case of ensuring connection redundancy in a specific application, the Customer can connect a radio modem in dedicated standards, eg TETRA, DMR and a radio modem in dedicated ranges or open frequencies.

The MSG-705-xx router performs the authentication functions of the control commands in accordance with the IEC 62351-1 standard with the PN-EN 62351-3 extension. The encryption keys can be sent from the central server.   []

RS-ETH-003 (converter / serial ports server)

The RS-ETH-003 converter has a similar role to that of a serial port server, however it has two logical serial ports. More information about the device is available in the "Devices > Data transmission > Converters and separators".

STC-3xx (switch / serial port server)

STC-3xx are switches that act as a serial port server. More information about them is available in the product group 
"Devices > Data transmission > Multiplexers and duplicating"

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