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Fire protection

DCM-100 (distributed control modules)

It is a very flexible monitoring and control system for use in various industries. These modules are particularly useful in the monitoring and supervision of security, fire protection and building automation systems. In the DCM-100 application, the PJC-8xx central unit module (which is part of the data concentrator) performs all functions related to information exchange and processing. On the other hand, in the SYNDIS Argus system, the PJC-8xx processor module is an intermediate link between the software and the field devices. The input/output multiplexing module in the DCM-100 system can be used as:
  • MSI4SO2 (communication module with 4 inputs with circuit detection, 2 relay outputs with circuit detection)
  • MI8 (8 inputs with state detection)
  • MSO4 (4 relay inputs with circuit continuity detection)
  • MO8 (8 relay outputs)
The input and output multiplexing modules are mounted in housings adapted for mounting on a 35 mm DIN rail.
Presentation of system components

The DCM-100 modules are the hardware platform of the ARGUS-RV system and have been tested by CNBOP-PIB. A certificate of conformity No. 3328/2018 (attached below) was issued, confirming the compliance with the technical specification and the possibility of using them in the construction industry in the field of monitoring and control of technical protection systems and facility security management. The certificate is also available on the website of Telbud SA (//telbud.pl/o-firmie/certyfikaty/).   []

Examples of modules in the DCM-100 system

SO-55B-KSP (control unit)

The SO-55B-KSP controller is intended for the monitoring and control of dedicated building automation devices.
For more information, see Devices > Substation automation > Data concentrators.

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