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Data concentrators

SO-55 (data concentrator / communication controller)
SO-55B-KSP (concentrator)
SO-5S-KZ (protection concentrator)
SO-5S-VKONC (virtual protection concetrator)
MSG-6xx (communication module)
MSG-701 (router)

SO-55 (data concentrator / communication controller)

The SO-55 device is a modular communication and control controller, included in the SO-5 station devices. The concept of construction of the SO-55 concentrator is based on the idea of ​​reading data from external devices using a protocol appropriate for a given device, standardizing them, placing them in the database and then making these data available to other devices communicating with the concentrator, or virtual devices that are software modules in the concentrator .

The SO-55 can work as:

  • security hub
  • station communication controller
  • transformer voltage regulator
  • protocol converter
  • mixed versions, e.g. station communication controller with extended protection handling

As a protection concentrator, it supports the majority of protections operating at power stations. The ability to change the number of modules and reconfigure the concentrator allows you to add communication channels with new devices.

Basic prices of the SO-55 controller as a security concentrator:

  • cooperation with digital protections in switching stations of all voltage levels
  • the possibility of simultaneous connection of many types of digital protection devices from different manufacturers, such as ABB, AEG, Alstom, Elkomtech, ITR, JMTronic, Polon, REFA, Schneider, Siemens, ZEG
  • possibility of cooperation with other IED devices
  • possibility of cooperation via any communication media: RS-232, RS-458, modem, Ethernet, optical fiber
  • operation in any connection topology: star, bus, mixed
  • simultaneous security support or group pooling
  • event-based transmission of switch and device states via the state table
  • the possibility of remote communication with security by employees of security departments, work in the so-called engineering link in the private security protocol
  • possibility of combining digital protections with Scada and EMS systems
  • modular design that allows you to configure the equipment according to the user's needs and the possibility of expansion
  • the possibility of redundancy of selected elements in order to increase the system availability factor
  • in case of damage to the transmission link, the concentrator operates in the event recorder mode and the reading of the accumulated data takes place after the transmission is restored - this function works independently for each communication channel
  • synchronization of time features in connected devices and many others   []
Exemplary SO-55

SO-55B-KSP (concentrator)

The SO-55B-KSP controller is designed to monitor and control devices included in the DCM-100 system (input/output modules) and other dedicated building automation devices. The SO-55B-KSP controller enables the implementation of distributed telemechanics and supervision of actuators. Thanks to the use of standardized communication protocols, the controller can be used to cooperate with superior systems of other manufacturers. It was built on the basis of modules intended for the implementation of applications used in difficult environmental conditions such as electromagnetic interference, humidity.

The controller consists of a set of modules placed in a 4”/6U housing. The modules are connected and powered by an internal communication bus.

Exemplary SO-55B-KSP device

The controller consists of the following modules:

  • PJC-8xx (CPU module)
  • PTS-91x (RS-232/RS-485 serial transmission module)
  • MZB-203 (power supply module)

The SO-55B-KSP data concentrator is the hardware platform of the ARGUS-RV system and has been tested by the CNBOP-PIB certification body. Certificate of conformity No. 3328/2018 (attached below) was issued, confirming compliance with the technical specification and the possibility of using it in the construction industry in the field of monitoring and control of technical protection systems and facility security management. The certificate is also available on the website of Telbud SA (//telbud.pl/en/About us/Licensese and certificates/).   []

SO-5S-KZ (protection concentrator)

The SO-5S-KZ protection concentrator provides remote access to digital protections and other devices installed in the station. Appropriate software for communication with all devices (SMS Base, DIGSI, Cap501, etc.) is installed in the security concentrator. The connection with protections or other IED devices (Intelligent Electronic Device) is carried out via an Ethernet link or serial ports, which are connected by means of STC-140 transmission multiplexers to a specific device.

Another element of the SO-5S-KZ is the SynGraf-KZ program, which allows for quick access to the required device by setting the transmission path and launching the appropriate proprietary program.

The STC-140 multiplexer network is supervised by the Connection Manager installed on the SO-5S-KZ. In addition, it periodically tests connections with all devices connected to the concentrator. The status of connections is visible in the SynGraf-KZ program and is also sent to station concentrators, from which it goes to the local SCADA class system.   []

Exemplary SO-5S-KZ device

SO-5S-VKONC (virtual protection concentrator)

The real-time server of the SYNDIS SO-5S system is designed to support data acquisition functions, storing them in the database and processing them according to the implemented algorithms. The server also performs all functions related to data sharing, conversion and support for multiple transmission protocols.

Depending on the application, the appropriate software is installed on the server:

  • SYNDIS RV – intended for substation systems and large-area operator systems
  • SYNDIS ES – designed for real-time monitoring of transformers
  • SYNDIS PQ – to perform all functions related to the power quality assessment process
  • SYNDIS Energia – designed to collect data from electricity meters and perform functions related to consumption analysis, balancing, forecasting and reporting as part of the energy consumption billing system
  • and others depending on customer requirements

A protection concentrator can be an independent device such as SO-5S-KZ or a virtual one installed on hardware that performs several functionalities. It is then possible to run multiple virtual concentrators on one physical server. An example structure is shown in the diagram below.

Features of the presented solution:

  • software modules concentrator SO-5S run on industrial computers,
    e.g. SO-5S
  • multiple VKONC hubs installed on one machine
  • multi-channel structure
  • the possibility of introducing redundancy (increasing reliability)

Basic functions:

  • protocol conversion – all necessary protocol conversions required to ensure effective communication between digital devices with communication interfaces and local or remote supervision centers are carried out
  • support for multiple data sources - multi-channel
  • standardization of read data in the internal database
  • reading data and implementing controls using the appropriate transmission protocol
  • supervision of control authorizations / authentication in DNP 3.0 and IEC 61870-5-104 protocols
  • implementation of substation automation based on received variables (control with interlocks, control sequences, tap changer adjustment, cooling control, etc.)
  • event buffering   []
A diagram of an exemplary structure with virtual concentrators

MSG-6xx (communication module)

The MSG-6xx communication module can also act as a data concentrator. The extended device description can be found in the
Devices> Automation devices in MV network> Telemetry in RES substations.

MSG-701 (router)

The MSG-701 router can also act as a data concentrator. The extended device description can be found in the
Devices> Automation devices in MV network> Telemetry in RES substations.

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