ATS devices

SZR/PPZ 02-5W - Tester


ATS automation control unit

The device increases the quality and security of supplying important customers. Due to active controlling of supply sources, parameters of supplying network operation are improved too.

The SO-52v11-eMSZR control unit for ATS automation is a specialized version of the SO-52v11 control unit, designed to control supply reserve systems. It enables to limit areas affected by voltage drops caused by short-circuits and shorten significantly supply breaks while switching the basic supply into the reserve supply and reversely. Parameters of synchronism are monitored in the on-line mode what enables uninterruptible switching.

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Exemplary SO-52v11-eMSZR device

SZR/PPZ 02-5W - Tester SZR/PPZ

Tester SZR/PPZ 2-5W is designed to check the correctness of the operation of SZR/PPZ automats. It can be used for checking SZR/PPZ automatic cabinets and single machines operating in the fields of LV and MV switchgears as well as for functional tests before object commissioning.

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Exemplary SZR/PPZ 2-5W (left) and SZR/PPZ 2-5W_E devices

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