ATS devices

SZR/PPZ 02-5W (tester)


The SO-52v11-eMSZR automation controller is a specialized version of the SO-52v11 controller designed to control power backup systems in MV and LV switchgears. The device can change operating modes of the ATS automatic unit or enables control of individual circuit breaker bays. It then works as an object driver. The device is designed for switching stations supplied from two energy sources. Online control of synchronism parameters enables uninterrupted switching of the switchgear.

Its basic functions are:

  • ATS (Automatic Transfer Switch) automatic system protects loads against power failure
  • automatic SPP (Automatic Primary Switching)
  • PPZ automation (Scheduled Switching of Power Supply)

The controller is also equipped with a multi-channel disturbance recorder with archiving of measurements and binary signals, controls and internal logic signals.

List of controller elements:

  • measurement and control module, e.g. MPA-351-61 - 12 voltage inputs, 8 control outputs 0.25A/220V DC
  • binary input module, e.g. MWS-207w.221 - 32 binary inputs
  • control output module, e.g. MSS-237-N - 12 control outputs, 0.3A/220V DC output no. 6 negated
  • control output module, e.g. MSS-237 - 12 control outputs 0.3A/220V DC
  • control output module, e.g. MSS-326 - 10 control outputs 5A/220V DC
  • power supply module, e.g. MZA-502
  • operator terminal with LED signaling (many variants are available in a local or remote version, e.g. KWG-301-41)

The device realizes the overt and covert reserve and various operating schemes:

  • two-breaker (disclosed reserve)
  • three-circuit (hidden reserve)
  • four-breaker (hidden reserve)
  • five-circuit (hidden reserve)   []
Exemplary SO-52v11-eMSZR device

SZR/PPZ 02-5W (tester SZR/PPZ)

The SZR/PPZ 2-5W tester is designed to check the correct operation of the SZR/PPZ machines. It can be used to check SZR/PPZ automation cabinets and individual automatic machines operating in LV and MV switchgear bays, and for functional tests before commissioning on site.

The whole tester consists of two separate, free-standing parts:

  • SZR/PPZ 2-5W - has built-in transformers, power supplies, protections, relays and a panel with switches and buttons
  • SZR/PPZ 2-5W_E - has relays and a panel with switches and buttons

The tester can be used to check the ATS / PSS automatics for two- and three-circuit breaker systems. Up to five circuit breakers can be tested with the device. The design of the device enables autonomous operation with the use of voltages generated by internal power supplies and transformers. It is also possible to use external voltage sources (e.g. a three-phase generator). The status adjuster is in the form of bistable or monostable buttons. The status of the button is indicated by the LED backlight. It is possible to simulate the phase shift of the supply voltages and failed control of the circuit breaker.

The tester can be prepared for one of the following voltages: 24, 48, 110 or 220V DC. When using connecting cables, optionally supplied with the tester, the device can work with ATS/PPZ automatic machines from other manufacturers.   []

Exemplary SZR/PPZ 2-5W (left) and SZR/PPZ 2-5W_E devices

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