SYNDIS RV is equipped with the SYNDIS OMS (Outage Management System) module, used to handle power grid outages. It is an application that allows you to view logs and a detailed description of power outage events recorded by SYNDIS RV.

The basic task of this module is to analyze changes in the power grid and find events that cause power loss in its individual fragments. This task is based on the analysis of topological connections of individual elements. Therefore, it is important to check the correctness of mapping the actual network state on the diagrams in SYNDIS RV before starting the module. If a power loss is detected, the module remembers the information related to this event and, assigning it a unique number, creates the so-called exclusion. The service has the option of assigning it as planned or unplanned (usually a failure).

The SYNDIS OMS module has several functionalities characteristic of this type of software.

Create an exemption
When a power loss is detected on a part of the power grid, the module creates a new object in the database - the so-called exclusion. Each outage is inextricably linked to a single event in the network, to the opening of a connector or to the assumption of a bridge on the line, causing a break in the power supply to the network. At the same time, the event comes to the module from the Event Log, where it is given a unique identifier. In switching off, the list of objects that have lost power is also stored. These objects are circuits (stations, low-voltage circuits) without power at the time of the initiating event.

Each outage occurring on the network can be associated with some event in which operational or operational services are involved. Multiple outages can be grouped within one event. Typically, such an event can be mapped in a planned work management system and then is additionally associated with a work order. Depending on the degree of integration with other supporting tools, within the SYNDIS OMS system, the grouping element is called an Event or an Order.

After generating a new outage, a Flag indicating the type of outage will appear in the Event Log. The term for the type of exemption is "Assigning". Each trip can be decreed in one of six ways: unassigned event, scheduled operation, unknown scheduled operation, mains failure, auto-reclose, canceled trip (test, error).

List of Exclusions and List of Orders
"Exclusion List" and "Order List" is a new functionality in the SYNDIS RV system, where you can view all exclusions and orders generated by the RADOSC (Rv ADvanced Ocn Soap Client) module.

SYNDIS OMS is also available from a web browser.   []

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