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Area system with permission distribution

The SYNDIS system has the ability to work as an area system with permission destribution. When the entire supervised area is divided into smaller areas managed by regional units, it is also possible to divide the powers according to the users' competences. The SYNDIS system allows for effective supervision of the entire managed area, while maintaining the possibility of exchanging data between areas, such as, for example, the status of facilities and the measurement values of devices in the field.

The system has extensive configuration options, allowing the cooperation of many modules and applications:

  • Advisory and control supervision system (SYNDIS RV)
  • System for registering outages on the network, work planning and dispatcher's log (SYNDIS OMS)
  • SO-5 automation system for the Main Collection Point (MCP)
  • Station automation system (SYNDIS SO-5)
  • Energy management system (SYNDIS Energia)
  • Power Quality Assessment System (SYNDIS PQ)
  • HV network management system (SYNDIS EMS)
  • MV grid management system (SYNDIS DMS)
  • Primary Equipment Monitoring System (SYNDIS ES)
  • Technical protection system - fire protection, anti-burglary (SYNDIS Argus)

An example is the SCADA/NMS/DMS type power network management system, performing SCADA type supervision and control functions, including elements of visualization, long-term data collection and analysis, support of operational decisions in the NMS layer. Such a system can be built on the basis of SYNDIS SO-5 and SYNDIS RV system components. Means are available at both central and local levels to collect and collect information from facilities. With a fully operational communication structure, all distributed facilities use a central server. In the event of a failure, it is possible to switch to autonomous operation in a remote facility, the so-called island. Then, the data collected on a local server installed in individual centers is used.

It is also possible to install a web server of the SYNDIS RV system in the system, which then plays a dual role:

  • in normal mode, it allows users to remotely access system functions via a web browser
  • in failover mode of the central system, it is a standby installation for the cluster server

The area-based system with permission destribution is also used to operate renewable energy sources. Wind farms concentrated in a wind farm are analogous to HV/MV switching stations. The central dispatch of the wind farm owner or the company dealing with their operation communicates with wind farms scattered over a large area. The supervision system for wind farms supports both a single station and provides communication with SCADA systems of wind farms. In this case, the communication controller also makes it possible to contact the weather stations that are part of the wind farm.

An example of the structure of the area system with the division of rights is shown in the figure opposite.   []

Examplary configuration of an area system with division of permissions

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