Substation system

The SO-5 system is a set of devices, programs and technical means intended for the implementation of supervision and control of power switchgears, fulfilling practically all functions, adapted to the individual needs and requirements of the user. The SO-5 system has been designed specifically to work at power stations, therefore the hardware and software have been adapted to the conditions of high electromagnetic interference caused by primary and secondary equipment as well as emergency phenomena in the operation of the network and switching stations.

An exemplary solution of the SYNDIS SO-5 control and supervision system includes:

  • communication controller/concentrator SYNDIS SO-55
  • SO-52v11 object/field controllers
  • SYNDIS system and database server for operating SYNDIS SO-5S operator workstations
  • SO-50 operator station
  • real time servers and time servers
  • communication devices (protocol converters, switches, routers, separators, multiplexers and others)
Appearance of the SO-55 communication controller in the Eurocard 19" mounting cassette
The appearance of the SO-52v11 controller cassette mounted on the stand

Field cabinets with the SO-52v11 controller can be equipped with an operator terminal with a large screen and an integrated touch keyboard with a panel of LED indicators for alarm signaling.

Operator panel of the SO-52v11 field controller

The example of the proposed solution for the implementation of the automation of the MV switchgear operating under the SYNDIS RV system is presented below. In addition, communication between two MV switchgears and the dispatch center is provided. On the side of the switching station, the conversion of the fiber optic transmission standard to CLO was ensured using converters manufactured by MIKRONIKA. On the side of the center, the signal was introduced to the MST-405 converters, and then in the RS-232 standard to the central SYNDIS SO-5 automation controller.

Cabinet equipment of the described solution in the MV switchgear:

  • SO-52/55 object and communication controller (SO-52 object controller and communication controller which is also an SO-55 concentrator)
  • two sets of converters to convert the fiber optic standard to the ORS-120 and STS-413 current loop

The SZB 42U cabinet includes the following devices and packages:

  • PJC-822-2 [RTU1 SO-55]
  • 3x PTS-528 [RTU1 SO-55]
  • 1x PTS-728 [RTU1 SO-55]
  • 13x MWS-206-110 [RTU2 SO-52]
  • 2 x MZA-502 [RTU1 SO-55 and RTU2 SO-52]
  • 1x MSS-506 [RTU2 SO-52]
  • and 2x STS-413 converter and 2x ORS-120 converter
Arrangement of cassettes and devices in the SZB 42U cabinet

We have also completed projects for the general needs of power plants. In the discussed solution, the Central System provides remote supervision of about 10 MV switchgears and integration of several more MV and LV switchgears with the SYNDIS system.

The presented system of supervision over switchgears supplying the general needs of the power plant consists of:

  • remote communication controllers/data concentrators SO-55 MV and LV switchgear of the Central System, for cooperation with protection terminals, ATS automatics and other IED devices (e.g. protections)
  • two SYNDIS SO-5S servers (active/standby)
  • SYNDIS-5SW website server (with remote user licenses)
  • SO-52TS synoptic board controller that also supports analog meters installed on the board, technological measurements and alarm siren
  • system for sending alarm messages and defined reports via SMS
  • optical fiber communication structure, LAN Ethernet type, based on a ring connection and RSG switches of the Ruggedcom family

The SYNDIS system in this solution provides:

  • cooperation of devices from different manufacturers within one system, in different interfaces (e.g. fiber optic links, twisted pair links, GPRS/APN wireless communication) and different communication protocols (e.g. IEC 60870-5-101, IEC 60870-5-103, IEC 60870-5-104, DNP 3.0, IEC 61850, MODBUS-RTU)
  • easy and effective hardware and software expansion without compromising the performance of the system and its components   []

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