23 sierpnia 2023


MIKRONIKA is a company that realizes the great importance of environmental protection. Therefore, in the spirit of our commitment to sustainable development, we are proud to announce the launch of our latest investment. A state-of-the-art photovoltaic installation, consisting of as many as 104 panels with an impressive maximum power of 48.88 kWp, has been installed on the roof of our headquarters.

A remarkable feature of this project is that the photovoltaic panels have been installed based on an innovative CORAB design, using adhesive technology to the existing roof surface. As a result, we have achieved not only energy efficiency, but also harmonious integration of the installation into the architecture of our building.

The entire investment has been comprehensively integrated with the MIKRONIKA network and the SYNDIS system, which not only enables us to monitor and manage the performance of our power grid, but also opens up new perspectives. Thanks to the cooperation with the SYNDIS system, we can experiment and test innovative modules to improve the control of photovoltaic farms.

The benefits of this investment are enormous. We are obtaining electricity from a renewable source, which translates into economic benefits, but just as importantly, it underlines our commitment to the environment. With this investment, we are becoming a company that is not only environmentally friendly, but also inspires others to take actions for sustainable development.

We have every confidence that the experience gained from this investment and the changes in prosumer regulations will create favorable conditions for the installation of similar systems on other buildings. Through these actions, we will not only undertake practical environmental protection, but also strengthen our energy independence, heading towards a more sustainable future.

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MIKRONIKA sp. z o.o.

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