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Symbol and semi-graphic

TX-xxx (character terminal)
ZL-002 (time display)
ZL-002-1 (time display)

COLOR - not recommended for use   |   COLOR - module/device manufactured

TX-xxx (character terminal)

The TX-xxx system is designed for supervision and local visualization of processes taking place in automation systems as well as for controlling measuring and executive devices. The control is carried out by a membrane keyboard located on the front panel of the terminal, and data display can be done on a graphic or character display - in LCD technology with backlight or VFD (with spontaneous lighting). By default, the screen consists of four lines of 20 characters.

The terminal is supported by a serial link in the RS-232 or RS-485 standard.   []

The previously produced models were replaced by KWG-xxx (graphic terminal). Its description is in the, Devices > Data visualization > Graphic terminals.

ZL-002 (time display)

Not recommended for apply in new solutions

The ZL-002 clock is made of a SWL-004 controller (produced by MIKRONIKA) and 8- and 17-segment LED displays, installed together with the controller in one housing, adapted to be mounted on a synoptic board. The device is adapted to display the current time, date and day of the week and 13 other parameters (physical quantities).

Segment displays form 2 lines. The current time and date are displayed in the top line, while the name of the weekday and the values of physical quantities and their possible description are shown in the bottom line.

ZL-002-1 (time display)

The ZL-002-1 module is designed to display the time and additional information about processes in automation systems. The ZL-002-1 device is a multi-line, integrated system display that uses LED elements. The device can be part of mimic boards, dispatch panels or local displays. As standard, the display is monitored using the Ethernet network. It can be installed in rooms protected against rainfall.

It has a modular structure. It can be hung or placed on a special stand.

In the basic version, the device consists of the following elements:

  • 5-line display module SWL-005/ZL4-12 (assembled with 16-segment display elements, installed in an integrated housing
  • two MDR-60 power supplies
  • two MOXA NPORT 5150 converters (to connect devices equipped with an RS-232 interface to the Ethernet network)   []
Exemplary ZL-002-1 device

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