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Measuring transducers

SO-5403 (measuring transducer)
USP-103 (measuring transducer)

COLOR - not recommended for use   |   COLOR - module/device manufactured

SO-5403 (measuring transducer)

The programmable measuring transducer is designed to monitor network parameters in power substations: transmission power plants, combined heat and power plants, distribution companies and industrial power engineering. The device enables the measurement of about sixty parameters of power grids, including: measurement of three phase currents and voltages, additional voltage U0, frequency, phase-to-phase voltages, phase shift angle, active and reactive power and energy, apparent imported and exported energy, and peak power.

The transmitter can transfer to the master system all parameters of the electrical network, necessary for measurements, monitoring and control. Communication with the superior system is carried out in any transmission protocol, using galvanically separated RS-232, RS-485 interfaces or fiber optic links. Transducer measurements can also be displayed locally in cooperation with the reading terminal.

The converter can be equipped with optional analog output modules as well as binary inputs and outputs, the parameters of which are selected depending on the application requirements. Analog outputs allow for direct operation of local analog meters or analog inputs of telemechanics. Each of the analog outputs can be assigned any value measured by the transducer. A set of binary inputs and outputs enables the implementation of controls and signaling.

Detailed information on the different variants of the device can be found in the group:

Devices > Control-measuring automation > SO-5403v1,

as well as

SO-5403v2 – Control-measuring device and
SO-5403v2-1 – Control-measuring device   []

Exemplary SO-5403v2-1 device

USP-103 (measuring transducer)

Not recommended to apply in new solutions

The USP-103 measuring transducer is used to perform measurements and perform controls as part of the operation of an electrical power facility or device. USP-103 can be used as an element of any distributed telemechanics system. It can work with the SYNDIS system or any other SCADA class software. The device meets the standards for operation in the power industry environment as well as other industrial installations. The housing is designed for mounting on a DIN 35mm rail.

The USP-103 contains a processor module, a power supply module, an analog output module and a measurement module.

The USP-103 device has the following types of field connectors:

  • 5x WE-U – galvanically separated voltage analog inputs
  • 3x IN-I – galvanically separated current analog inputs
  • 3x WY-A – galvanically separated analog outputs with five ranges to choose from
  • 3x WE-U – galvanically separated voltage analog inputs (addition)
  • it is possible to resign from analog outputs (if a specific application does not require such outputs)

USP-103 transmits in the following channels:

  • RS-485 (channel 1) - for communication with the master system in the MODBUS, DNP 3.0 or PN-EN 60870-5-101 protocols
  • RS-485 (channel 2) – for communication with the master system in the MODBUS protocol
  • RS-232 for service purposes (local configuration and servicing by the user), the manufacturer has allocated this channel for its own diagnostic purposes

Additionally, the USP-103 can have the following communication channels installed:

  • multimode fiber optic with glass fiber 62.5/125 µm, 50/125 µm or with plastic fiber POF 1mm for communication with the master system in the MODBUS, DNP 3.0 or PN-EN 60870-5-101 protocol
  • Ethernet in the TP100 or FO100 standard for communication with the master system in the MODBUS or DNP 3.0 protocol   []

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