ARST-01 (transformer substation voltage regulation)

The ARST-01 controller is designed for automatic control of a transformer station. The ARST-01 is placed in the communication controller environment as one of the program modules whose all input and output signals are stored in the internal database. Its task is to maintain the voltage on selected busbars of the station at a certain level and the set level of reactive power flowing through individual transformers. The system is made in the form of a functional module of the SYNDIS system.

The program, by collecting data from the transformer (lower and upper voltage, active and reactive power, tap status) and thanks to the appropriate algorithm, determines the control signals. They are sent to the executive systems that implement changes in the position of the transformer tap. Existing controller interfaces and protocols are used for data transfer.   []

SO-52v21-KP (protocol converter)

The SO-52v21-KP converter is a specialized protocol converter adapted for communication including, among others, the PPM2 protocol. The device is based on the SO-52v21 modular controller. The converter enables communication between devices using the following protocols: PPM2, Modbus TCP, Modbus RTU, DNP 3.0, IEC 61850, IEC 870-5-101, IEC 870-5-103, IEC 870-5-104 or other established at the stage of preparing the conversion project . Transmission media available in the controller are: CAN-RS485, Ethernet 100Base-TX, RS-485 and RS-232.

The controller is equipped with the following modules:

  • mCU-02-16 – central unit module, Ethernet, RS-485 transmission, RS-232
  • mST-08-01 – CAN-RS485 transmission module, adapted for cooperation with PPM2 protocol
  • mPS-15-01 – power supply   []
Exemplary SO-52v21-KP device

SO-5511-KP (protocol converter)

Not recommended to apply in new solutions

The SO-5511-KP converter is a modular communication device included in the SO-5 station devices. The individual transmission modules of this device, managed by the PJC central unit, perform various types of conversions and connections between the interfaces of devices constituting the station's equipment and master systems or devices. The concept of construction of the SO-5511-KP converter is based on the idea of ​​reading data from external devices through the protocol appropriate for this device, standardizing them, placing them in the database and then making these data available to other physical devices communicating with the converter. In the basic version, the protocol converter is a 4”/6U cassette, in which, apart from the power supply and the central unit package, depending on the needs, an appropriate package of additional transmission channels can be placed. It is also possible to expand the converter with the SO-52 object controller.

The protocol converter can support different standards and transmission types. Modules with galvanically separated RS-232 and RS-485 connections, network connections and single- and multi-mode fiber optic connections are available. The following transmission modules are available:

  • PTS-5xx
  • PTS-60x
  • PTS-65x – module of 6 serial channels with galvanically separated RS-232 interfaces
  • PTS-72x
  • PTS-8xx
  • PTS-91x

All protocol converter modules are managed by the PJC central unit. The central unit uses the MS bus to operate the communication modules. The following modules of the central unit are available:

  • PJC-86x

Analysis of the application at the design stage leads to the determination of the number and type of required channels, which allows the selection of appropriate transmission modules of the converter. Transmission channels are compiled in the converter from communication modules, taking into account the type of interfaces, desired converter functions, degree of redundancy and expected redundancy.

With not very large applications, it may turn out that the resources of the PJC-86x central unit package are sufficient for protocol conversion. The minimum configuration of the SO-5511-KP is:

  • MZA-101-15 - power supply
  • PJC-86x - central unit   []
Exemplary SO-5511-KP device

SZR-PPZ 2-5W (tester)

The SZR/PPZ 2-5W tester is used to test the correctness of the operation of SZR/PPZ automatons and is also used for functional tests before object-oriented start-up.

More information about the device can be found in the following group: Devices > Substation automation > ATS devices

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