ARST-01 - transformer substation voltage regulation 
SO-52v21-KP - protocole converter
SO-5511-KP - protocole converter
SZR/PPZ 2-5W - tester

ARST-01 - transformer substation voltage regulation

The ARST-01 regulator is designed for automatic regulation of a transformer station. ARST-01 is located in the communication controller environment, as one of the program modules, which all input and output signals are placed in the internal database.

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SO-52v21-KP - protocol converter

The SO-52v21-KP converter is a specialized protocol converter adapted for communication, including the PPM2 protocol.

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Exemplary SO-52v21-KP device

SO-5511-KP - protocol converter

The SO-5511-KP converter is a modular communication device that is part of the SO-5 station equipment. The individual transmission modules of this device, managed by the PJC central unit, carry out various conversions and connections between the interfaces of the devices constituting the station equipment and the systems or master devices.

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Exemplary SO-5511-KP device

SZR-PPZ 2-5W - tester

The SZR/PPZ 2-5W tester is used to test the correctness of the operation of SZR/PPZ automatons and is also used for functional tests before object-oriented start-up.

More information about the device can be found in the following group: Devices > Substation automation > ATS devices

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